Ultradent Cord Placement

Placement of Ultradent Cord and Ultrapak instrument, Shannon Pace Brinker demonstrates how easy this is! Ultradent Cord Packing has many uses. In this video demostration we are placing one long piece of Ultrapak cord size #0 across 6-11 for the preparation of IPS e.max veneers. The Ultrapak cord is made of 100% cotton, knitted into thousands of tiny loops that form long, interlocking chains. The unique knitted design exerts a gentle, continuous outward force following placement as the knitted loops seek to open. Ultrapak cord is designed to enhance the ViscoStat/Astringedent and Dento-Infusor Tissue Management Technique; however, conventional techniques using alum, aluminum chloride, etc., are also enhanced when using Ultrapak plain knitted cords, since they carry significantly greater quantities of hemostatic solution than conventional cords.

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