Groupon or Not to Groupon

In today’s economy we dentists are always looking for ways to insure the survival of our practice.

One new option is Groupon. Groupon will send out an email to tens of thousands of perspective patients (all their contacts in your area) with your offer. Patients will purchase the service from Groupon and Groupon will take ½ the fee and pay you the rest.

Our perspective is this: If you can offer an introductory service that your patient’s want at a reasonable fee then Groupon provides an increased volume.


  1. A large volume of new patients
  2. No initial investment in the advertising


This will not likely be a direct source of revenue (because Groupon takes ½ of the fee.)
It can be taxing on your staff to deal with an increased volume.

Our strategy was this: We offered a reduced rate on an in office whitening and used the contact with these new patients to “audition for the job”.

So, in summary if you choose to use Groupon we recommend:

  1. That you choose an introductory service that you don’t expect to be a source of income
  2. That you are prepared to “audition”

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