Super-Snap® Singles

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Shofu’s Super-Snap® Singles

Contouring, finishing, and polishing are essential for ensuring proper anatomical form, enhancing esthetics, and contributing to plaque resistance of direct composite restorations. But because each procedure and where it’s performed requires different sizes and coarseness of disks, cups, and points, changing armamentarium can be time-consuming and inefficient. Further, the finishing and polishing products used should ideally complement the restorative material. To easily, quickly, and safely finish and polish all microfilled and hybrid composites, Super-Snap Singles can be used. These thin, flexible, and disposable disks have a rubber silicone center, which lets dental assistants interchange them quickly and efficiently. They simply pop on and off at slow speed. The Super-Snap Singles kit includes a disposable mandrel with 8 disks: 2 each of coarse, medium, fine, and extra-fine grits in both regular 12.5 mm and mini 7.94 mm sizes. And because the disks are color-coded, identifying the correct product to use is easy based on color shade: black for contouring; violet for finishing; green for polishing; and red for super polishing. What makes Super-Snap unique is that, unlike most sand-paper disks, all of them except the black coarse grit are double sided and impregnated with aluminum oxide. What’s more, they can be used to easily access the interproximal area.

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