ContacEZ Restorative Strip System

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Restorative Strip System by ContacEZ

The ContacEZ Restorative Strip System is dental strip system designed to provide precision when adjusting, finishing and seating final restorations. The ContactEz is available for any procedure in dentistry. The kit is combined with the following:

Black Diamond Dental Strip: This fine diamond strip is used to to adjust proximal ContacEZcontacts of indirect restorations.
White Serrated Strip: This serrated strip is popularly used to cut and clean out cement that is trapped in the interproximal space.
Gray Final Polishing Strip: This ultra fine diamond strip is useful to polish the proximal contact surface to restore a natural finish and confirm interproximal relief after definitive cementation.
Blue Heavy Dental Saw: This strip was designed for seated restorations that may be cemented together and for removal of cement that scalers can’t gain access too.
Orange Proximal Contact Adjuster and Saw: Designed to adjust contacts and remove any left over resin or cement from final restorations.

ContacEZ_inUseBy being color coated, each ContacEz is easy to see, note the type and store efficiently. Many of dental assistants stated that this product was better compared to their current interproximal finishing and polishing system. This satisfaction was prevalent for a variety of reasons. Several appreciated the design, and some commented that the size and grip tabs enabled easier handling and passing to the dentist. Others commented that when cement is fulling cured, it can be a bear to remove and by using the ContactEz, was removed without frustration from their dentist. Conclusion: The ContacEZ represent an efficient tool for thoroughly finalizing restorations that is reusable for increased efficiency and ease of use.

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