Towel Warmer


Pursonic Towel Warmer with UV Sterilizer by Parsonic

Holds 80-96 small, wash cloth or 24 facial towels capacity
Temperature regulating: bimetallic Strip thermostat, cavity temperature: 158~175f
UV sterilizer to kill up to 99.9percent of bacterium

This single hot-towel cabinet keeps towels warm all day long and can hold a maximum of 24 small, facial-sized towels. Maintains consistent Temp of 158-175 degrees. Comes with water-drip pan and interior towel rack. Uv sanitizing function can be turned on separately while the UV function is turned on it can kill up to 99.9percent of bacterium.

For best results, use this hot-towel cabinet with small, facial-sized towels. Pre-soak the towels, wring them out, then roll them up and place towels on the wire rack inside the unit. When you turn the unit on, the towels will heat up.


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