A Zinc-Oxide, Non-Eugenol Cosmetic Povisional Cement


Zonefree by Dux Dental a zinc-oxide, non-eugenol cosmetic provisional cement that is translucent and used to cement provisional restorations. Zonefree by Dux Dental formulation combines the esthetic benefits of reflective nanofillers and translucency to create a natural look that blends with the color of a patient’s teeth, crowns, or other surfaces around it.


The CPS evaluation team consisting of 17 offices, and placed over 176 provisional restorations gave Zonefree by Dux Dental a 4 Diamond rating. Over 62% of the restorations placed were posterior provisional. All but 3 evaluators use transparent or translucent provisional cement. All but three evaluators said the Zonefree by Dux Dental had ideal viscosity and flowability. One dental team commented they loved the look of the Zonefree under their provisional restorations. Several team members noted they felt the Zonefree provisional cement blocked out dark underlying tooth structure without giving the patient a moon tooth. Several clinicians commented the cement allowed for easy removal of restorations. One assistant commented that it would be great for the syringe to be clear to see how much material is left in the syringe. No noted cases of core build ups removed with the provisional. Some of the assistant evaluators commented the Zonefree cement helped to fill in some of the defects of their provisional when seated and enjoyed the setting and working time.

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See It In Action

Seated provisional with Zonefree cement on the endo tooth

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