Venus White Whitening Toothpaste

Low Abrasion Formula Protects Enamel


Heraeus’ Venus White™ Whitening Toothpaste by Heraeus gently removes surface stains while providing anticavity protection. Its low abrasion formula protects enamel while gently removing surface stains to keep your smile bright and clean feeling. The Venus White Whitening Toothpaste contains fluoride to aid in preventing tooth decay and comes in a clean mint flavor.


The minty flavor was pleasant providing a foaming action while they were brushing their teeth. Some patients enjoyed the clean and refreshed effect and it maintained the color as if they had whitened first. Only 2 evaluators commented they had 3 patients that didn’t think there was a big difference in the toothpaste they were using now and the Venus White. Several evaluators commented that they felt the toothpaste didn’t really whiten their patient’s teeth but was nice to give as take home toothpaste. When asked about the amount of toothpaste that was in each tube of toothpaste, all the evaluators commented that there was plenty of Venus White Whitening Toothpaste to last a good 3 weeks if not more in the 4-ounce tube provided for evaluation. When asked about the mint flavor of the toothpaste, four patient’s said they would like to have a variety of flavors including cinnamon. Several team evaluators commented they were excited to now have boutique toothpaste to sell to their patient’s after whitening to help maintain the whitening achieved.

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