Venus White Ultra

Pre-Filled With A Minty Flavored Gel


Venus White Ultra 11.2% by Heraeus is hydrogen peroxide gel that consists of seven upper and seven lower pre-filled, disposable whitening trays. The trays are designed to mold securely around each tooth for maximum comfort, with upper and lower trays sized differently for best fit.


CPS team felt the Venus White Ultra is a great bleach choice for teenagers. Covers more of the teeth compared to some of the other pre-filled bleaching systems. Most all the patients evaluated were ages from 14 to 22. Almost all felt they could use 2 kits to achieve best results. All but 3 consultants claimed that the trays stayed put in placed. Most of the evaluators found Venus White Ultra to be a great option for teens, without the investment in home trays – especially if there is a concern with patient compliance.

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