Venus White Pro 35%

A Carbamide Peroxide Mint Flavored Gel For Whitening of Vital and Non-Vital Teeth


Venus White Pro 35% by Heraeus is a carbamide peroxide mint flavored gel indicated for the whitening of Vital and non-vital teeth. Gel contains potassium nitrate for decreased sensitivity. Venus White Pro 35% whitens teeth with discoloration caused by age, food-stains, medication, fluorosis.


The CPS evaluation team consisting of 20 offices with each office receiving 6 kits of Venus White Pro 35% evaluated this product. Almost all felt this product was a great change for those patients that want whiter teeth faster. Almost all patients saw at least a 2-to 2-½ shade changes. Several patient’s noted they did burn their gums the first couple of times they whitened. When asked what was the reason they decided to offer 35% to their patients, almost all said patients were more inclined to comply with daily whitening for 14 days at just 30 minutes to an hour a day verses sleeping in the solution. All patients said they felt it was very easy to do and worked into their schedule. Some evaluators wished the syringes had marks on it to allow the patient to see if they were using too much material. One clinician asked if the solution could be formed into a 40%. Almost all said they would continue to order this product. One assistant claimed after having the 35% in the office patients don’t want the 16 or the 22.

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