Venus White Max In-Office Whitening

In-Office Bleaching Treatment Applied In 3 or 4 15-Minute Sessions


Venus White Max by Heraeus is an in-office bleaching treatment consisting of a 38% hydrogen peroxide gel applied in three or four 15-minute sessions. The Venus White Max contains potassium nitrate to help minimize sensitivity associated with the bleaching process.


The evaluation team of CPS evaluated this product and were given a combination of 6 boxes of each (Max, Pro and the Ultra). We used Venus White Max on a total of 64 patients. Compared to other bleaching systems, sensitivity was not a concern for most patients. Most all the evaluators were able to go through 4 rounds of treatment and all patients were given home trays for follow-up. Most all patients achieved changes of at least 3 real Vita shades whiter. CPS always recommends a home-tray follow-up after any in-office whitening for optimal results. If a patient only wants in-office, we recommend 2 to 3 in-office treatments. 2 of the consults said they bleached the patient for 2 in-office visits and no home tray system was needed. One consultant said she did burn the patient due to misplacement of the liquid dam. When placing the liquid dam make sure to add several layers of the material to keep this from happening.

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