Venus White 9% Hydrogen Peroxide Touch Up Brush

A Convenient, Reusable Pen To Help Maintain A White Smile


Heraeus’ Venus White™ Teeth Whitening Touch Up Brush by Heraeus is a convenient, reusable pen that makes it easy to help maintain a white smile. With it’s portable design makes it ideal for on the go. Great option to help maintain the results achieved from Venus White Ultra, Pro, or Max.


The CPS evaluation team consisting of 25 offices, and given to over 129 patient’s received a perfect score of 5 Diamonds. 12 Patient’s used the Venus White 9% Hydrogen Touch Up Brush without any other type of whitening combination. 4 practices sold the Whitening Touch Up Brushes to their patients from $7 to $15 per Touch Up Brush. About half of the evaluators said they had used something like this in the past from Britesmile but felt they didn’t get as good of results. When asked if they felt the Venus White Touch Up Brush helped maintain  the whitening they achieved from the take home or in-office results all commented yes it did.

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