Venus Pearl

A Universal Nano-Hybrid Composite


Venus Pearl by Heraeus is a universal nano-hybrid composite based on the innovative urethane monomer chemistry of Venus Diamond. Venus Pearl offers the same unprecedented combination of low shrinkage stress and high durability– in a creamy consistency. Formulated for easy handling, Venus Pearl delivers high esthetic results through excellent color adaptation, sculptability and polishability– making it ideal for anterior restorations.


The CPS evaluation team consisting of 19 offices, and placed over 176 restorations gave Venus Pearl a score of 4.5 diamonds. All felt the Venus Pearl was a true comparison to 3M’s Filtek Supreme Plus. When asked about shade matching, blending of the composite, ease of placement, and quality of the polish, and the overall final esthetics was rated above average to excellent. When asked what the evaluation team liked least about the Venus Pearl, several commented the Venus Pearl had a softer consistency to their other composites. 2 dentists commented that the some of the shades were slightly opaque. When asked what changes were recommended, several clinicians commented that the provided shade guide was confusing and it was easier to stick with the conventional Vita guide. All but 2 offices said they would switch to the Venus Pearl for their composite of choice.

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See It In Action

Pre Op #19
Removal of Decay
Acid Etch and Ibond Placement
Flowable Venus Diamond Composite Placement
Venus Diamond Flow
Venus Pearl A1 Placement
Final Restoration