A disposable retraction cord dispenser and cutter


ShortCut by Dux Dental is a disposable retraction cord dispenser and cutter. Short Cut is available in sizes 0, 1 and 2. ShortCut is available in non-impregnated Gingibraid cord, epinephrine or aluminum potassium sulfate.


With over 85% of the cord placed by the dental assistant evaluators for Shortcut, the new system by Dux Dental received rave reviews. All liked the fact that the cord came in many sizes and impregnations. Several evaluators commented that using this product helped with productivity and allowed them to standardize the dispensing dependent on tooth type. One said they really liked that the dispenser could lay flat on the table top. That it’s not prone to being knocked over or roll off the table. All felt the cutter was really the best part. One evaluator said it would be great to have clicks to help with which tooth your working on or a ruler on the side for size measurement. One evaluator said when they first got the package if wouldn’t come out, so they opened it up a little and placed the cord under the slider. Several commented that they were very happy that Dux Dental had the foresight to see the need for the product line. All said they would continue to use this product.

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