Shield Force Plus

Tokuyama® Shield Force Plus For Treatment Of Hypersensitive Dentin


Tokuyama® Shield Force Plus by Tokuyama is a one-component, single application, light-cured protective sealant designed for the treatment of hypersensitive dentin. It effectively infiltrates and seals exposed dentinal tubules to inhibit the flow of fluid through the tubules which is the cause of sensitivity and helps prevents loss of dentin due to abrasion and/or erosion of exposed cervical dentin.


The CPS Evaluation Team consisted of 25 offices applying more than 146 applications of the Shield Force Plus by Tokuyama and the product received great scores. When asked what products are used in their practices, the majority respomnded: Gluma by Heraeus, Pro Fluoride L by VOCO America, BosBlock by BISCO, Clearfil SE Protect by Kuraray, and Seal and Protect by DENTSPLY Caulk.

All felt the Shield Force Plus was a better and/or close comparison to each of theses manufactured materials. All evaluators commented that Shield Force Plus was easy in application, very effective for reducing sensitivity, and easy to apply in small crevices. All hygiene evaluators felt the patients received immediate reduction of sensitivity and found themselves placing two coats to reassure they placed enough material in the exposed dentin areas.

Each hygiene evaluator commented there wasn’t any burning or sloughing of the tissue and the patient did not complain of after taste. A few dentist evaluators would like the formula to be able to used with any cement, but noted they would also use it after final cementation around restorations. One dentist asked a patient from a scale of 1-10, how sensitive was the area being treated. The patient quoted a 6. After applying one coat of Shield Force Plus, the patient said the sensitivity went from a 6 to a 2. He placed another application of the Shield Force Plus and the patient noted it went from a 2 down to a 0. After a 2 week follow up, the patient was still at a 0.

The assistant evaluation team recommended the Shield Force Plus for those patients going through Invisalign orthodontics. After stripping of the lower incisors, many patients said their teeth were very sensitive. After placement of the Shield Force Plus in those areas, sensitivity was extremely reduced. Patients were thanking the dental team on the return visits.

The Shield Force Plus by Tokuyama was awarded a 5-diamond rating.

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