Remin Pro

A Water-Based Cream That Contains Hydroxy Apatite And Fluoride


Remin Pro by Voco America is a water-based cream that contains hydroxy apatite and fluoride (1.450 ppm sodium fluoride). Remin Pro provides extra protection for teeth, thus helps neutralize acids from acid-forming bacteria in plaque. Furthermore, Remin Pro facilitates the neutralization of other acids in the mouth. Remin Pro is available in the following flavors: melon, strawberry and mint.


The CPS evaluation team consisting of 30 offices and over 150 uses gave Remin Pro a score of 4.5 diamonds. All felt this is not as a true comparison to MI Paste by GC America. When asked about the flavors and taste, most females liked the strawberry and males liked the mint. Several team members commented they used the Remin Pro for whitening before and after treatment. Several hygienists noted they never thought to place the Remin Pro on the enamel after cleanings to fill back in the tiniest surface lesions in the tooth.  Patients commented Remin Pro tasted great and gave them a smooth feeling to their teeth. Four dentist commented they gave it to several patients who had not has acid reflex to protect sensitive areas at the gingival margins. One assistant commented she gives Remin Pro to every patient that is in long term provisionals to help with sensitivity. In all, every team member said they could continue to use the Remin Pro. Several asked to have the material in a unidose and expand on the flavor to Carmel like the Profluorid L Varnish from Voco.

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