Piezo Pilot

A compact ultrasonic scaler used in ultrasonic hygiene and endodontics


The Piezo Pilot by Vista Dental is a compact ultrasonic scaler used in ultrasonic hygiene and endodontics. The Pilot’s state-of-the-art circuitry offers a wide range of amplitude settings for regular hygiene procedures and all ultrasonic endodontic procedures, including certain bone surgery applications.


CPS evaluation team consisted of fifteen hygienist and four dentists, they felt the Piezo Pilot was a special piece of equipment they could not do without. Only one evaluation team member had ever heard of the Piezo Pilot before the evaluation and was very excited to use the equipment again. Majority of the hygiene evaluators felt they received the same tactile control from the ultrasonic scaler as they do with other hand instruments they use in the practice. All the evaluators liked the fact that the unit was compact and occupied little space, unlike some of the other ultrasonic scalers used in their practice. They all said the Piezo Pilot was very quiet and patient feedback was positive. All liked the fact that they could have their choice in color of the unit and sleeves. When asked what tip they favored most, several commented that they liked the PTU perio tip. They felt it was easier to adapt to the teeth and interproximal areas. Two hygienists commented that there was a learning curve at first adjusting to the cord that connects the water source to the unit to kink or get pinched in the process of usage. They also commented they had to maintained a very light touch when instrumenting with the piezo tip in the mouth. The Dentists who reviewed the Piezo for endodontic usage, loved the fact that it made the endodontic procedure go much smoother and faster. One commented that the endodontic tips allowed easy access to the end of the canal. Three of the dentists commented that they ordered the post removal tips for the unit.

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