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Peak® Universal Bond is a straight forward, easy-to-use product with consistently great results.

Evaluation Team Member from Contemporary Product Solutions

Peak® Universal Bond

Precisely Delivers Adhesive Resin For A Variety Of Bonding Treatments


Peak® Universal Bond from Ultradent Products, Inc., precisely delivers adhesive resin for a variety of bonding treatments. This light-cured adhesive contains a 0.2% concentration of chlorhexidine and easily bonds to dentin, enamel, porcelain, metal, composite, and zirconia. Designed to create long-lasting bonds, Peak® Universal Bond effortlessly adapts to different types of materials while maintaining its strength. A recent evaluation conducted by Contemporary Product Solutions solicited the opinions of seven clinicians from around the United States regarding Peak® Universal Bond. The clinicians used the adhesive resin 23 times, on average, prior to completing the evaluation. After using Peak® Universal Bond, all clinicians reported that they were satisfied with the results they achieve from its application.


Peak® Universal Bond from Ultradent Products, Inc. demonstrates its ability and aptitude for light-cured adhesive bonds. The bonding agent ensures strong and long-lasting bonds, and is easily delivered with a syringe based system or bottle delivery, thereby reducing excess waste and mess. As the clinicians evaluating the product concluded, Peak® Universal Bond provides satisfactory results, eliminating patient sensitivity. On the diamond scale, the clinicians determined Peak® Universal Bond ranked with an average of 4.4 diamonds. Based on the evaluation results, Ultradent Products, Inc. possesses the potential to provide the ideal bonding agent for every treatment with Peak® Universal Bond. Peak® Universal Bond provides a strong, versatile, and ideal choice in bonding agent. As one of the clinicians stated, “Peak® Universal Bond is a straight forward, easy-to-use product with consistently great results.”

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