Oxford Temp

A temporary crown and bridge material


Oxford Temp by Oxford Scientific is a temporary crown and bridge material formulated with multifunctional methacrylic esters, but without methylmethacrylate.


With 85 provisional restorations fabricated by 25 evaluators, the CPS Review team felt The Oxford Temp is going to give other provisional materials a run for their Money. All felt the Oxford Temps were very easy to trim and polish. 3 Evaluators said the setting time was faster than noted in the instructions. Several used the Oxford Correct to repair any incisial edges and margin repairs. Several commented that they didn’t need it. When asked what they liked most about the Oxford Temp material almost all said that it handled similar to the materials they use already, it was less expensive and quicker than current material used. One Dentist recommended Oxford temp as a alternative to PVS material for a solid CR bite records that makes record mounting a breeze in a shorter amount of time. The CPS Team was so impressed with the Oxford Temp they gave it 4 Diamonds.


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