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Would be great if it was thicker at the bend area to prevent tongue from getting underneath.

Evalutation Team Member from Contemporary Product Solutions

I think Mr. Thirsty is a great isolation and moisture control device, especially when an auxiliary is working alone and isolation and moisture control needs to be achieved.

Dr. Sinclair and Team from Coastal Cosmetic Dentistry

Mr. Thirsty®

Evacuation, Isolation And Retraction In A Single Device


Zirc’s Mr. Thirsty provides evacuation, isolation, and retraction in a single device. Mr. Thirsty provides patient comfort, gives the clinician a clear working field, eliminates the constant interruption to use the saliva ejector, and allows the assistant to perform other duties. Mr. Thirsty attaches directly to the operatory’s existing HVE valve and retracts the tongue and cheek, preventing them from folding in or impinging on the working area while removing fluid and debris. Mr. Thirsty can be moved to any operatory or dental office. Two parts of Mr. Thirsty require sterilization (other parts are disposable).


The CPS evaluation team consisting of 12 offices, and used on over 200 patients evaluated this product. Almost all the evaluation team members felt Mr. thirsty was a great alternative to the Isolite. Seven of twelve evaluators have the Isolite in their practice and commented for the price, Mr. thirsty was a very close second in comparison. Several evaluators commented the best part about Mr. thirsty was there were no extra hoses to contend with. Some commented they wished they had different sizes in the try me kit. One evaluator said, “Would be great if it was thicker at the bend area to prevent tongue from getting underneath”.  Most patients commented on how comfortable Mr. thirsty was and that the suction was very good. One dentist commented he would “gladly pay more for a solid one single piece of metal and wish you didn’t have to replace the bite block, just the tongue piece.” Almost all the evaluators said they would recommend Mr. thirsty to their colleagues. Several team member evaluators would love to see the addition cool colors to arouse the patient’s interest.

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