MI Varnish

A Natural And Unique Choice For Your Patients


MI Varnish by GC America is a 5% sodium fluoride varnish that has a desensitizing action when applied to the tooth surfaces. The difference is in the RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP), which makes MI Varnish a natural and unique choice for your patients. Casein phosphopeptides (CPP) naturally occur in milk. In the oral cavity, CPP binds to surfaces such as teeth, dentin, oral mucosa and biofilm. Calcium and phosphate ions are the building blocks for healthy teeth, and MI Varnish delivers bioavailable calcium and phosphate ions into the saliva. Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP) is the source of calcium and phosphate, which strengthens enamel. MI Varnish is the choice fluoride treatment when compared to other varnishes MI Varnish with RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP) enhances enamel acid resistance and boosts salivary fluoride levels. And, MI Varnish remains on the teeth longer than other fluoride varnishes with higher levels of fluoride and calcium released in the oral cavity.


The CPS evaluation team consisting of 25 offices, and159 patients gave MI Varnish by GC America a score of 4 ½ diamonds. When asked what treatment options did they use the MI Varnish several commented they used it for severe root exposure and high caries risk patients, sensitivity due to recession, and incipient decay on buccal surfaces, decalcification, and cervical gingival areas. All but one said their patients were satisfied with the results after application. When asked about the viscosity of the MI Varnish all but two evaluators said it was as good or better then the varnish they are currently using in their practice. All said the flavor and feel of the varnish was well received and patients were satisfied. Several hygienist requested GC America add the mint flavor to the varnish for patient’s who don’t like strawberry. When asked if patients felt using the MI Varnish reduced the sensitivity all said yes they received excellent feedback. When asked if they had enough MI Varnish in each unidose to complete a full mouth all commented they had plenty of material and were happy to not have to open 2 packages to achieve the application procedure. One hygienist commented she would like to have two different sizes for isolated areas. One assistant said there are times with other brands when opening the package the varnish has leaked out and becomes hard. All the unidose packages were sealed and a perfect mix of material every time.

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