Ketac Nano

A two-paste nano-ionomer in a unidose auto-mixing capsule


Ketac Nano Restorative by 3M ESPE is a two-paste nano-ionomer in a unidose auto-mixing capsule. The quick mix capsule fits into 3M ESPE applier. The pre-filled capsule eliminates the need for mixing or triturating like the earlier style capsules.


CPS review team felt the material was a well-received change from the first generation of Ketac capsules. With the new quick capsule design, the chairside assistant eliminates the need for hand mixing or trituration. When opening the capsule it is very important not to bend it back as the material did come through where the capsule attaches to the nozzle in a few cases. Evaluators all liked the idea of the material being radiopaque and releases fluoride. Some of the evaluators felt the material was sticky and that core forms would be a nice addition to the kit. Using the primer on the instrument helped keep the material from sticking. Use of silicone-ended instruments is another idea. One evaluator suggested providing a large size capsule specific for core buildups or larger restorations. Adding a shorter nozzle for posterior restorations was also mentioned. Some felt the material could be a little thicker but much better than flowable composite. All felt the polish and chameleon effect of this product received the best marks.

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