Jiffy Polishing Kit

3 Shapes and 3 Grits


Jiffy Polishing Kit by Ultradent is a purple autoclavable bur block that contains soft rubber latex-free friction grip polishers and silicon carbide polishing particle brushes.

There are 3 Shapes to the Jiffy Polishing System

  • Cup – Forms to the convexities of the tooth well. Allows for gingival    polishing without abrading the tissue
  • Disk – Great for incisal Edges, Lingual concavities, and embrasures
  • Points – Great for Pit and Fissure restorations

There are 3 Grits to the Jiffy Polishing System

  • Course – Green More aggressive than the other 2
  • Medium – Slightly larger and for smoothing
  • Fine – White last polisher before going to the brush


CPS review team referred to this polishing system as old faithful of the group. Most of the evaluators felt that all 4 steps were needed to achieve the full luster and polish to composites. Left no residue on the teeth. Could be used for composite by provisionals. Evaluators would like to see disc with a little sharper edge. Autoclavable Bur Block allows the Dental Assistant to be able to store and replenish the burs very easily when needed.

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