Implant Scaler Instruments

A Fundamental Tool In Maintaining Implant Health


Designed to remove calculus from teeth, implant scaler instruments represent a fundamental tool in maintaining implant health. The Implant Scaler Instruments from American Eagle Instruments, Inc. (Missoula, MT) are designed to reduce hand fatigue with a lightweight resin handle and uniquely shaped scaler and curette tips. Manufactured in the United States, these medical grade titanium instruments ensure that they will not scratch or damage titanium implants, making them ideal implant hygiene. A recent evaluation completed by Contemporary Product Solutions examined the opinions of five clinicians from across the United States after using the Nebraska 128/Langer 5 Implant Scaler Instrument from American Eagle Instruments, Inc. According to the clinicians surveyed, 20% practiced dentistry for less than four years, while 80% of those who participated practiced for more than eight years. Of the clinicians completing the evaluation, 60% reported seeing 1-2 patients with implants per week, while 40% reported seeing 3-5 patients with implants per week. After using the Nebraska 128/Langer 5, the clinicians completed their evaluations of this new implant hygiene instrument.


Implant Scaler Instruments from American Eagle Instruments, Inc., specifically the Nebraska 128/Langer 5, provide a lightweight and high quality tool for use during implant hygiene care. Clinicians evaluating the products agree that excellent clinical results can be achieved by using this implant scaler. One clinician who completed the evaluation called it the best implant hand scaler on the market. With an average rating of 4.4 on the 5-point diamond scale, the American Eagle Implant Instruments offer a unique option in implant hygiene instrumentation. Based on these evaluation comments, American Eagle Instruments, Inc. has the potential to offer the ideal implant instrument for all clinicians.

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