Green Envy Tray Cleaner

A non-corrosive, environmentally friendly and biodegradable alginate and Gypsum tray cleaner by Whip Mix


Green Envy by Whip Mix is an Alginate and Gypsum tray cleaner by Whip Mix. Non-corrosive, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.


CPS review team said they would all be switching to Green Envy after the evaluation. All felt the material had a nice citrus smell. Being Environmentally friendly, made it much more appealing to the evaluators. The directions said to leave trays immersed for 15 to 30 minutes. Most said after 15, the material was released from the tray. One evaluator suggested taking a spatula and following the impression around the tray before submerging it into the Green Envy. After 15 to 20 minutes, unlike other tray cleaning material, Green Envy’s tray cleaner allowed the alginate impression material released in one piece. All the evaluators mentioned corrosion was noticeable in other tray cleaners and not at all with Green Envy. Some used denture brushes to do a final clean of the tray.

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