A Multi-Functional Composite Used for The Anterior And Posterior Tooth Regions


The GrandioSO Universal Nano Hybrid Composite by VOCO America is a multi-functional composite that is used for both the anterior and posterior tooth regions. It has light resistance and strong coordination of opacity and translucency for results that mirror the natural tooth using only one shade. GrandioSO uses a shade system with new shades vcA3.25 and vcA5 which is adaptable to most clinical situations. The composite features a smooth, non-stick consistency, and polishes to a high gloss. It is compatible with all conventional bonds.


The CPS evaluation team consisting of 20 offices, and placed over 217 restorations gave GrandioSO by VOCO a score of 4 diamonds. All but two office said the GrandioSO was same or better than the composite they are using now in their practice. When asked what the evaluation team liked about the GrandioSO most all gave similar feedback that the viscosity of the composite was easy to manipulate and not sticky, the color matching had a chameleon effect and blended well with the tooth. Several assistants commented that they loved the included shade guide to help with gradient thicknesses. When asked what they liked least, one evaluator commented that in narrow preparations the canula of the compule was too wide and that the compile seemed harder to place in the dispenser. Two dentist commented that it seemed difficult to get as high of a polish using diamond paste and soflex disc as other microfilms which was expected. When asked what suggestions to improve this product some of the answers were to included a gun for extruding the composite, make a firmer type of composite for packing and add a pearl or frost to the shade system. 14 out of the 20 practices said they would switch to the GrandioSO by VOCO after this evaluation.

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