Grandio Seal

70% filled sealant for pits, fissures and small cavities


Grandio Seal by Voco is a 70% filled sealant for pits, fissures and small cavities. Grandio Seal is recommended for sealing/facing damaged enamel surfaces, anchoring orthodontic appliances, covering caries predilection sites during orthodontic treatment, sealing composite or cement fillings, sealing caries lesions, restoring small defects in composite and amalgam fillings, and sealing deciduous teeth.


The CPS review team felt Grandio Seal was an excellent material and easy application for Pit and Fissure sealants. Grandio Seal’s opaque white shade gave visibility to placement of the material. The biggest compliment from the cps evaluation team, were the needle like ultra fine tips, which kept the material from pouring out of the syringe. Some of the team members would like to see the Grandio Seal in various shades. One hygienist complimented the fact that it released fluoride. Another dentist said he liked the fact the material was thick and easy to push and pull into smaller areas where the final restoration was in between and filling and a sealant. He felt good with the decision to use Grandio Seal due to the low shrinkage studies. Final review from the CPS Team gave Grandio Seal one of the highest scores in this evaluation group of 5 Diamonds.

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