GC FujiCEM 2

A Second-Generation, Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Luting Cement


GC FujiCEM 2 by GC America is a second-generation, resin modified glass ionomer luting cement. Following ten years of clinical success with GC FujiCEM 2, this product is powered by F2 Flex Fuse Technology, which incorporates new high-elastic crosslinking monomers with a modified filler-surface treatment that increases strength properties. The F2 Flex Fuse Technology helps with improving indirect restorations with increased strength, high fluoride release, low film thickness and excellent marginal integrity. Indicated for a broad array of indirect restorations including all types of metal-, resin-, alumina- and zirconia-based inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges, GC FujiCEM 2 delivers superior bond strength which allows extra time for completing more restorations. The automix paste pak dispensing system ensures a consistent mix every time, allowing you to place every restoration with the confidence that it will last. Fast, easy to use and stronger than ever, the new GC FujiCEM 2 from GC America is the ideal luting cement for all direct restorations.


The CPS evaluation team consisting of 20 offices, and cemented over 150 restorations such as crowns, bridges, implants and onlays gave FujiCEM 2 by GC America 4 ½ diamonds. All the evaluation team felt the cement was same or better than the cement they were currently using with a slight creamier consistency, but not runny. Most claimed they loved the film thickness of the cement and felt it didn’t lift the restoration off the prep when seated. All but 2 evaluators commented when placing multiple restorations they felt piece of mind having a longer working and setting time with the GC FujiCEM 2. One dentist mentioned he would have his assistant start to mix before he rinsed and dried the prep for cementation to cut down on some of the waiting time for single units. Several assistants noted it too several attempts to get the feel for the mixing tip placement and it was hard to remove. All felt the dispenser fit nicely in their hand and wasn’t too bulky. Several evaluation team members noted the cartridge held more cement than their current brand of cement.  One dentist who cemented two large cases of 8 or more restorations and said neither patient had anesthesia or complained of post op sensitivity. Several dentist commented the color value was higher than Relyx cement by 3m, and would like to have the light cure aspect to tack, while others commented the FujiCEM 2 forces you to be patient. When asked what would they like to see in the next generation GC FujiCEM 2 the evaluation team commented that they would like to see a clear or shaded version, decrease the size of the dispenser and add an adhesive chemistry to the cement.

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FujiCEM by GC America
FujiCEM by GC America