Comes in Light, Medium and Heavy Body


Flexitime by Heraeus is hydrophilic, addition silicone impression material with a temperature sensitive setting ingredient. Flexitime comes in Light, Medium and Heavy Body. Recommended for the use of pre-operative impressions, Denture and Partials, All Final Impressions.


The evaluation team of CPS evaluated this product and were given a Trial Kit of that contained 2 Heavy Body, 1 Light Flow and Medium Flow cartridges.

After a total of 67 Final Impressions and 36 Pre-op Impressions, the multiple viscosities and easy dispensing, Flexitime was rated excellent. The Evaluation Team referred Flexitime as a true competitor to other impression materials. The flexibility in the working time allowed plenty of time for quadrant and full arch impressions. Most assistant evaluators loved the medium body with the light body wash for preliminary and Invisalign impressions. They referred to it as a great alginate alternative. All but one evaluator would continue to use Flexitime, and that team uses polyeither impression material. Flexitime impression material was given a perfect score of 5 diamonds among the evaluation team.

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