Flexitime Bite

A PVS bite registration material


Flexitime Bite by Heraeus is a PVS bite registration material. Flexitime Bite can be scanned optimally using an optical scanner as required for CAD/CAM systems and for conventional bite registration.


The evaluation team of CPS evaluated this product and were given a double cartridge box with mixing tips. After a total of 72 Bite records recorded, CPS evaluation team felt the Flexitime Bite was as good as there existing material. Some evaluators liked the material because of its tear strength but wanted it to be a little more rigid. Several evaluators who have a Cad Cam system were very happy about not having to use any power with the Flexitime Bite and had no trouble with the scans. One evaluator used a different mixing tip with a ribbon end and said that worked better than the tips that were included in the box.

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