Denar Slideamatic Facebow Level

A Peel And Stick Level


Denar Slideamatic Facebow Level by Whip Mix is a peel and stick level that allows the dentist and the assistant to assure that the facebow is level with the floor when the patient is standing upright.


CPS review team said adding a level to the Denar Slidematic System added accuracy to the mounting process.

Several reviewer that use other systems with levels, felt that adding another level wasn’t necessary. The rest of the reviews that have never used the level, felt it was a great addition. All that use the Denar Slidematic Facebow system said they would continue to use the levels. None of the evaluators had to use the second level due to the loss tackiness after several uses. One evaluator used the level at-least 2 ties a day for 2 weeks, and it stayed in place. One assistant said she felt by using the level, she didn’t have to call the dentist in to check after her and it added confidence to taking the facebow. One dentist evaluator said now that Denar has added the level to the system, he feels he could let go and allow his assistant to take over this procedure.

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Denar Slideamatic Facebow Level by Whip Mix