A disposable bib chain that avoids cross contamination


Bib-Eze by Dux Dental is a disposable bib chain that avoids cross contamination.


Each evaluator used the Bib-Eze at least twenty times before providing feedback. Majority of the evaluators felt the packaging would be beneficial to offices who have limited storage space. In addition, if the Bib-Eze were perforated this would reduce the possibility of more than one being removed from the packaging. CPS suggest Bib-Eze strips to be produced on a perforated roll so the dental team could pull only one strip at a time. One of the evaluators also noticed that on a male patient’s the Bib-Eze was tight around the neck, but another evaluator said you could stretch it to fit. It is CPS’s recommendation to add 3 adhesive strips to make it a universal fit to avoid binding, better adhesive and comfort for the patient. Most all the evaluators agreed that the Bib-eze was a great idea and does avoid cross contamination in their practices. 8 of the evaluators threw away their napkin chains and said they would continue to order the Bib-eze.

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