Access Edge

A Clay-Based Gingival Retraction Paste That Displaces And Retracts Tissue


Access Edge by Centrix is a clay-based gingival retraction paste that displaces and retracts tissue. Access Edge ensures quick and easy tissue displacement without the need for cord packing. Packaged in a convenient unit-dose syringe tip.


The CPS evaluation team consisting of 20 offices and over 136 placements of the Access Edge gave the product a 4 Diamond rating. All evaluators had never used this product before but used similar products such as Expasyl by Kerr and Traxodent by Premier. Several Dentists commented they received up to 3 mm of retraction with the Access Edge. Most all evaluators said it took up to 2 minutes from placement to rinse. Almost all evaluators commented that they used the Access Edge as a stand alone without cord or laser. Only one evaluator commented they used the laser in combination. Many commented it was above average or better for retraction than their current material. It was easier to place and liked using the composite gun for efficiency compared to Expasyl by Kerr with less viscosity to flow into. One dentist commented that he would like the tip to be all in one and curved for comfort. All evaluators commented there was plenty of material in each unidose.

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