Post Op Care for Porcelain

While there are usually very few post-operative cementation problems, there are a few things we would like you to keep in mind.

Your teeth are probably still numb and you should be careful not to bite yourself. The material used to make your restoration is as hard as it is going to be, so do not hesitate to eat normally.

Do not chew any sticky foods such as gum or chew hard foods. This could dislodge the provisional restoration and cause a return visit. If the restoration should come out, please call our office immediately. It is very important that it stay in place for proper fit of the final restoration. When flossing, be sure to remove the floss from between the teeth carefully. Do not pop the floss up out of the area, pull it through with your hand instead. Popping the floss up can cause the provisional to be dislodged. Sensitivity to cold can be expected. It could be related to your bite (occlusion) and can be corrected in a matter of minutes. If you feel it needs attention please call.

Please call the office with any questions or concerns and we will be more than happy to help you.

  • Your new restoration has been hardened with our special laser and can be eaten on right away.
  • There may be some sensitivity in the teeth and it will usually go away in a few days or weeks. It is not unusual.
  • If the sensitivity does not go away, it may be due to the occlusion (bite) and can be easily corrected in our office. It just takes a few minutes to adjust the new restoration.
  • If you are numb, be careful not to bite yourself before the anesthetic wears off.
  • Treat your new restorations as if they were natural teeth. Do not bite hard objects such as ice or bone.Brush and floss your teeth as usual (if not better!). This will allow your new investment to last as long as possible. Allowing us to clean your teeth frequently also gives us the opportunity to check the restorations for any problems that may be developing.

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