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In-office Whitening System

polaofficeplusContinued advancement in whitening materials has led to the development of PolaOffic+ Whitening by SDI, a chemically activated in-office whitening treatment designed to minimize sensitivity and maximize bleaching efficiency. Effective when whitening one or more teeth, parts of a tooth, and/or for chairside whitening techniques, PolaOffice+ is indicated for use on vital and nonvital teeth, including intracoronal bleaching.  PolaOffic+ can be used prior to placing esthetic restorations and to treat discolored teeth caused by disease, injury, medical treatment, or iatrogenic factors, such as dental fluorosis, jaundice, tetracycline, adult minocycline stains, porphyria, trauma, and erthroblastosis fetalis. It can also be used to treat organic stains and in conjunction with at-home treatments for tougher stain removal. PolaOffic+ whitening consists of a whitening formula containing a powerful 37.5% hydrogen peroxide gel. With a higher concentration than at-home, OTC, and most in-office procedures, PolaOffic+ produces quicker and more significant whitening results in just 30 minutes. Unlike other whitening methods, this whitening gel solution minimizes patient responsibility, as it does not require at-home wear. Ideal for patients with a hypersensitive gag reflex, the whitening gel is applied directly onto the teeth, and the in-office procedure completed in less than an hour. With three, 8 minute sessions, the active hydrogen peroxide and neutral pH levels minimizes change in tooth structure and unpleasant side effects, including tooth sensitivity and gingival irritation.The addition of potassium nitrate and fluoride to the whitening formula has been shown to help reduce sensitivity and improve the overall tooth health. Fluoride also helps decrease susceptibility to caries and prevent damaging effects on enamel mineral content.

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