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PeelVue+ Sterilization Pouches from Kerr

Sterilization remains an essential role in infection control and maintaining a safe and healthy PeelVue with bur blockdental practice environment. PeelVue+ Sterilization Pouches from Kerr are easy-to-peel, easy-to-seal dental sterilization pouches. They enable dental practices to utilize the recommended packaging method during instrument sterilization. Ideal for moist heat sterilizing and sterile storage, the pouches also serve as a sterilized paper surface for the preparation and presentation of instruments and accessories to the patient. Designed with sterilization in mind, PeelVue+ pouches are printed with lead-free inks on virgin, medicalgrade, nonrecycled paper. Compatible with a variety of steam autoclave systems, they represent the safest, easiest, and most ideal sterilization pouch on the market. With an easy-to-use procedure, the dental assistant simply places the instruments in the PeelVue+ pouch, seals it, and then places it in the steam autoclave system. Internal and external processing indicators ensure that proper sterilization occurs, and provide a checkpoint for dental team members to verify complete sterilization. The processing indicators change color from light blue to dark grey after sterilization, ensuring the instruments have completed proper sterilization (proper time, temperature, and steam processing conditions have been met). In addition to the processing indicators, PeelVue+’s closure validators provide a visual guide to achieve the proper pouch seal and avoid unknown contamination. The closure validators also indicate the sterile contents will remain sterile until the pouch is reopened in the operatory. The pouch can then serve as a sterilized paper surface for delivering instruments to the operatory, demonstrating the importance of infection control to patients. Kerr’s PeelVue+ Sterilization Pouches are available in 12 sizes to ensure proper fit for a variety of tools and equipment. Their unique package design includes an internal size grid to help dental team members determine the ideal pouch size easily and quickly.

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