New Instrument Management System (IMS)

Product Spotlight


Infinity Series™Cassettes Hu-Friedy

Hu-Friedy’s new IMS Infinity Series Cassettes increases exposure to instruments during reprocessing, creating an optimal environment for cleaning and sterilization. The IMS Infinity Series Cassettes are available in 11 color varieties to reduce instrument contact up to 59%. This allows more water to flow through the cassette while protecting each instrument during processing. The slotted beveled edge of each cassette allows greater water drainage, reduces drying time, and provides a more ergonomic grasp. Each cassette now has a 30% open access during cleaning and sterilization, and they’re compatible with all cleaning equipment, including instrument washers. In response to dental assistant’s biggest complaint about not being able to keep instrument cassettes closed, the IMS Infinity Series Cassettes feature a positive locking mechanism that is easy to use with one hand while providing a more ergonomic grasp.

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