Montana Jack Sickle Scalers

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Montana Jack Sickle Scalers from PDT

Provisional or temporary cements play an important role in restorative dentistry. Provisional Montana scalersrestorations are important because they protect teeth by minimizing extreme changes in temperature due to food and beverages ingested. In addition, when cemented, they provide a seal against microleakage for the period of time that the provisional restoration will be in place, and reduce sensitivity while the laboratory is fabricating the final restoration. Provisional cement plays a key role in keeping the temporary restoration on the tooth while the patient is waiting for the final restoration to return from the dental laboratory. While the cement helps retain the temporary restoration, it also has to allow for easy removal of the provisional restoration without harming the periodontium, tooth preparation, or pulp when the final restoration is placed and adjusted. There are specific techniques to make using a temporary cement easier, and different types of temporary cements for various clinical situations. One difficulty encountered when removing provisional cement for crowns, inlays/onlays, and temporary bridge restorations is removing the cement in the gingival embrasure below the contact area. It is critical that all residual temporary cement be removed. Excess cement remaining in the sulcus can result in irritation of the periodontium in the sulcus, and in the most extreme cases can result in severe periodontal inflammation with the potential for bone loss. One instrument we use to make sure all cement is removed is the Montana Jack from Paradise Dental Technologies. The Montana Jack sickle scaler is ultralight, thinner, tougher, harder, and sharper to give the dental assistant a perfect angle to remove all types of provisional cements. The very thin, sharp blade provides access to the interproximal space, which is the hardest spot for assistants to remove cement.

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