Denar Slideamatic Facebow Level

Introduction Denar Slideamatic Facebow Level by Whip Mix is a peel and stick level that allows the dentist and the assistant to assure that the facebow is level with the floor when the patient is standing upright. Conclusion CPS review team said adding a level to

Green Envy Tray Cleaner

Introduction Green Envy by Whip Mix is an Alginate and Gypsum tray cleaner by Whip Mix. Non-corrosive, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Conclusion CPS review team said they would all be switching to Green Envy after the evaluation. All felt the material had a nice citrus smell.

Pumice Preppies

Introduction Preppies by Whipmix is mixed gray pumice that contains no flavoring agents, oils, gluten or fluoride. Preppies by Whipmix is recommended for cleaning the surface prior to : Acid Etching , Restoration Cementation, Polishing Amalgam Or Composite Restorations. Prophylaxis Of Heavily Stained Teeth , Preparing