Futurabond DC

Introduction Futurabond DC by Voco is a nano-reinforced Duel- Cured, Self Etching One Step Adhesive in a single dose or bottle application. Futurabond DC indicated for use with light, duel and self- cured composite restorations and build-ups. Also can be used in the cementation of Inlays,


Introduction The GrandioSO Universal Nano Hybrid Composite by VOCO America is a multi-functional composite that is used for both the anterior and posterior tooth regions. It has light resistance and strong coordination of opacity and translucency for results that mirror the natural tooth using only one

Remin Pro

Description Remin Pro by Voco America is a water-based cream that contains hydroxy apatite and fluoride (1.450 ppm sodium fluoride). Remin Pro provides extra protection for teeth, thus helps neutralize acids from acid-forming bacteria in plaque. Furthermore, Remin Pro facilitates the neutralization of other acids in

Grandio Seal

Introduction Grandio Seal by Voco is a 70% filled sealant for pits, fissures and small cavities. Grandio Seal is recommended for sealing/facing damaged enamel surfaces, anchoring orthodontic appliances, covering caries predilection sites during orthodontic treatment, sealing composite or cement fillings, sealing caries lesions, restoring small defects