Slide Cord Packer

Introduction Slide Cord Packer by Ultradent is a thin, 45° angle non-serrated instrument designed to place and compress cord with a sliding action as the clinician circles the prep to place retraction cord. Conclusion Most all liked the shape and handle of the Slide Cord Packer.

“Oh Whitening” 20%

Introduction “Opalescence Oh” by Ultradent is a disposable unidose bulb filled with the amount of gel needed for one whitening treatment. Each whitening bulb contained 20% carbamide peroxide patented combination of potassium nitrate and fluoride (PF) for increased enamel strength, minimized sensitivity, and reduced risk of

Jiffy Polishing Kit

Introduction Jiffy Polishing Kit by Ultradent is a purple autoclavable bur block that contains soft rubber latex-free friction grip polishers and silicon carbide polishing particle brushes. There are 3 Shapes to the Jiffy Polishing System Cup – Forms to the convexities of the tooth well. Allows

Ultrapak CleanCut

Introduction Ultrapak CleanCut by Ultradent is a gingival retraction cord made of 100% cotton, knitted into thousands of tiny loops to form long, interlocking chains that is dispensed from a plastic bottle with a clean cut lid. When the lid is closed, the cord is cut

Ultraseal XT

Introduction UltraSeal XT hydro by Ultradent is a BPA-free pit and fissure sealant material with advanced adhesive technology securely bonds to enamel, increasing marginal retention and reducing microleakage. UltraSeal XT hydro hydrophilic chemistry eliminates the need to pretreat the tooth with PrimaDry – simplifying the procedure without

Peak® Universal Bond

Introduction Peak® Universal Bond from Ultradent Products, Inc., precisely delivers adhesive resin for a variety of bonding treatments. This light-cured adhesive contains a 0.2% concentration of chlorhexidine and easily bonds to dentin, enamel, porcelain, metal, composite, and zirconia. Designed to create long-lasting bonds, Peak® Universal Bond