Introduction Bib-Eze by Dux Dental is a disposable bib chain that avoids cross contamination. Conclusion Each evaluator used the Bib-Eze at least twenty times before providing feedback. Majority of the evaluators felt the packaging would be beneficial to offices who have limited storage space. In addition,


Introduction ShortCut by Dux Dental is a disposable retraction cord dispenser and cutter. Short Cut is available in sizes 0, 1 and 2. ShortCut is available in non-impregnated Gingibraid cord, epinephrine or aluminum potassium sulfate. Conclusion With over 85% of the cord placed by the dental


  Introduction Lubricoat by Dux Dental is a pe-troleum-free, silicone-based emollient that prevents dental materials from sticking to hands and lips. Lubricoat by Dux Dental can be used for patient’s dry and chapped lips, separating medium, rubber dam placement, lubricating retractors and instruments. Conclusion With a


Introduction Zonefree by Dux Dental a zinc-oxide, non-eugenol cosmetic provisional cement that is translucent and used to cement provisional restorations. Zonefree by Dux Dental formulation combines the esthetic benefits of reflective nanofillers and translucency to create a natural look that blends with the color of a

PeelVue+ Sterilization Pouches

Introduction Sterilization continues to play an essential role in infection control and maintaining a safe and healthy dental practice environment. PeelVue+ sterilization pouches from DUX Dental (Oxnard, CA) enable dental practices to utilize the recommended packaging method during instrument sterilization. Ideal for moist heat sterilizing and