Kolorz Topical

Introduction Kolorz Topical by DMG America is a maximum strength 20% Benzocaine formula in Triple Mint and Cherry Cheesecake. Kolorz Topical provides fast pain relief before all local anesthesia, periodontal curettage and other procedures that require anesthetic. Conclusion After a total of 213 applications, all evaluators

Icon Smooth Surface & Proximal

Description Icon by DMG America is a completely new technology and treatment option. It fills, reinforces, demineralized enamel and incipient caries without drilling or sacrificing healthy tooth structure. Icon provides a highly esthetic alternative to microabrasion and other restorative treatments for cariogenic white spot lesions (WSL).

Kolorz Fluoride Foam

Introduction Kolorz Sixty Second Fluoride Foam by DMG America is a topical application of fluoride to aid in the protection against dental caries. Kolorz Fluoride Foam contains Xylitol, and is Aspartame, Saccharin and Gluten Free. Conclusion Each reviewer received 2 4.4oz bottles of Cotton Candy and

Kolorz Prophy Paste

Introduction Kolorz Prophy Paste by DMG America is a fluoride, xylitol, splatter-free disposable prophy paste. Containing no gluten, aspartame or saccharin. The Kolorz Prophy Paste comes in Fine, Medium, Coarse and X-Coarse. Available in several flavors such as Triple Mint, Cherry Burst , Cotton Candy and