Listerine Total Care Fresh Mint

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Listerine Total Care Fresh Mint with Sodium Fluoride

fresh-mintAncient Egyptians were responsible for the first artistic drawings emphasizing the importance of beauty and hygiene. An unclean body was considered impure. In addition to washing their bodies in oils, Egyptians used many products to freshen their breath. We are fortunate today to have mouthwash that is more complete. Listerine Total Care fights cavities, restores minerals to the enamel and kills bad breath. Fortunately, today’s mouthwashes promote oral hygiene, reduce discomfort in the oral cavity, moisturize oral tissues and/or help eliminate causes and odors associated with bad breath. Whether over-the-counter (OTC), prescription, or dentist dispensed, mouthwashes are beneficial for patients at high risk of tooth decay, gingivitis, xerostomia, or periodontal disease. Patients at high risk of tooth decay or who wear orthodontic appliances are great candidates for the addition of sodium fluoride and acidulated phosphate topical solution mouthwash to their homecare routine.

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