In-Office Team Training

We are partnered with the Academy of Chairside Assisting. ACA classes are designed to provide comprehensive, in-practice team development for the doctor and staff. Find out more on The Academy of Chairside Assisting website.

Training Options


New Patient Consult

The initial telephone call that a prospective patient makes to a new dentist’s office can simply make or break the entire experience. Be sure your staff possesses the knowledge needed to avert any patient concerns and convert those calls into appointments.



Most people will tell you that the greatest commodity they have is time—and there simply isn’t enough of it to go around. That’s why it’s imperative for your staff to learn how to properly maintain your work schedule, being sure to allow enough time for each patient to receive a thorough complete exam so neither you nor the patient feel rushed.

Clinical Records

Before any treatment can begin, it’s imperative for the dentist to have accurate records to work with. This option ensures your staff is taught the technical and interpersonal skills needed to properly evaluate and legally record your patients’ dentitions.

Digital Photography

As technology advances at neck-breaking speeds, it’s important for both you and your staff to remain ahead of the curve. This option will teach your staff members the skills needed to properly use a digital camera to shoot a full series of diagnostic digital photographs.


These days, a patient’s overall experience is defined by more than just his time in the dental chair. In fact, patients begin forming opinions of their overall experiences from the very moment they pull their car into your parking lot. This option will address all of those concerns, from the office atmosphere to staff member uniforms, as Ms. Pace will work with your staff to ensure each patient has an enjoyable experience in your office from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave.

Office Systems and Analysis

While providing an extraordinary experience to each of your patients is vital to the success of your practice, it’s also important to realize that the systems behind the scenes will have a tremendous impact on your success. This option will allow Ms. Pace to review your office’s scheduling procedures, software, filing system, and various other procedures to ensure all systems and procedures are operating at optimum function.

Treatment Planning and Presentation

Research shows that approximately 90 percent of mistakes occur during the treatment planning process. That’s why each member of your staff must be able to contribute to the development of an effective treatment plan, a process that includes visualization of optimum dentistry, the four options of treatment, and, if needed, the segmentation of treatment. This session will also review proper case presentation.

Team Huddle

While this course will go a long way toward ensuring your staff is on the same page, it’s important for you to ensure they remain on that page. Morning meetings with your team will help make sure that each member of your staff contributes and communicates effectively, feels valued and empowered in their jobs, builds collaboration, personal initiative, and trust, and understands their role in the big picture. This session will teach you and your staff best procedures for conducting this vital team-building experience.

Patient Conversation

Let’s be honest: Most people hate going to the dentist. Whether it’s a fear of the drill or the dental pick, an upcoming check-up can loom ominously on a lot of people’s calendars. That’s why it’s important for your staff to understand the need for effective communication with your patients. In fact, knowing how to communicate effectively with many different personality types can sometimes be the difference between a satisfied patient and one who will soon find another dentist. Therefore, this session will teach your staff the skills needed to assess personality types, alleviate patient concerns, and, most important, educate your patients about any upcoming procedures.

Financial Arrangements

Although it can sometimes be easy to examine a patient’s mouth and determine exactly what course of treatment will bring their mouth into proper form and function, the reality is that the cost of said procedure may make it prohibitive for the patient—especially in a day and age where a struggling economy is causing everyone to re-examine their bottom lines. For that reason, your staff members must be knowledgeable about the many different financial arrangements and payment plans available to your patients. This session will not only review the many available options, it will help your staff members guide your patients to the option that will best suit their needs.

Customized In-Office Orthodontic Training

Designed to provide comprehensive in-practice team development that will teach the doctor and team together all the systems needed to implementation of lnvisalign. CPS are the exclusive trainers for lnvisalign. That means they trust their training and knowledge. The clinical team of trainers will help your practice build better systems, understand pathway and process, manage and market your practice for successful lnvisalign integration, and help to identify the lnvisaleader in your practice.


“Shannon is the total package. She has the experience, the technical knowledge, a great teacher and a great speaker. Not only did my staff learn an amazing amount, they also really enjoyed the in office consulting.

~ Frank Graziano, DDS

“I wanted to let you know what an impact you made in your time with us. We have a great team and you made them excited about how they can impact our practice. They talk of how we can set the bar higher than what we have already.”

~ Tom Whinery, DDS

“Shannon has earned the right to share her knowledge with other assistants who wish to go from GOOD to GREAT. Ms. Pace is one of the most talented dental assistants in our profession.”

~ Linda Miles, Founder Linda Miles & Associates