Ensuring Accurate Impressions for Orthodontic Treatment

OrthoImpress1Impressions serve as the foundation for a variety of dental procedures, including orthodontic treatments. Ideal impressions demonstrate precise anatomical detail of a patient’s oral cavity, and provide a template for fabricating and customizing laboratory-made products. Several factors contribute to achieving detailed impressions, including materials, technique, and patient comfort.
Among the many dental treatments that require impressions to accurately communicate the details of a patient’s oral cavity is Realine, an orthodontic treatment that utilizes impressions as the foundation for creating and customizing aligner trays. Inaccurate impressions during Realine treatment planning can lead to a variety of problems, including retakes, additional chair time, costly materials, and unhappy patients. Inaccurate impressions can also contribute to ill-fitting aligners that could negatively affect treatment outcomes. Therefore, any error, void, gap, or tear in the impressions necessitates retakes, consuming valuable patient and staff time and materials.

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