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As thought leaders and educators, Contemporary Product Solutions produces Technique Articles to aid dental auxiliaries broaden their knowledge base.

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Selecting the Right Bur System for your Practice

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Side by Side Magazine

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Side by Side | Summer 2016


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Side by Side | Summer 2015


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Side by Side | Winter 2015


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Side by Side | Spring 2016


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Clinical Techniques

Creating Accurate and Aesthetic Provisional Restorations


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Polishing Pastes Of Course Are Fine

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Repair, Not Replace, Porcelain Restorations

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Whitening and the Orthodontic Patient

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In-Office Fluoride Treatments: Varnish, Foam, and Gels

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Seeing The World Through Microscopes

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HIPPA: Policies For Selfies In Your Dental Practice

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Using Hydrogen Peroxide in Custom Trays to Restore Gingival Health

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The History and Necessity of Dental Handpieces

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Eye Injury Prevention in the Workplace

Eye Injury Protection in the Workplace

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Obtaining Proper Photograph Consent

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Enhancing Precision, Predictability and Efficiency When Trimming, Finishing, and Polishing Provisional Restorations

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Automatic Handpiece Maintenance with STATMATIC from SciCan

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One-Step VPS Impressions Ensure Accuracy for Reline Treatment

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Use of Dental Lasers and Ridge Preservation To Maximize Esthetic Outcomes

Dental LasersRead the Article

Provisional Excellence with Zinc-Oxide Non-Eugenol Temporary Cement

SCHEIN_Provisional-Excellence.4pg1-199x250Read the Article

Going Green with Medentex Amalsed Direct Amalgam Separators and Recycling Options

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CPS Evaluation Summary of Venus Smile™ Oral Care Probiotic Mints

Shein_2014_-oralsurg_-probiotics-201x250Read the Article

The Day is Done

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 Proper Mask Placement

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Canker Sores

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Post Operative Instructions

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Efficient and Cost-Effective Treatment of Class II Composite Restorations for Expanded Function Dental Assistants

Class-II-for-EFDA-thumbRead the Article

Dental Radiographs: Benefits and Safety Dental Radiographs: Benefits and Safety

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Front Office

Deciphering Insurance Coverage with Reline Treatment

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Deciphering Insurance Coverage with Invisalign Treatment

Deciphering Insurance for Invasalign TreatmentRead the Article

Obtaining Proper Photograph Consent

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Product Watch

Garrison Dental Solutions’ Reel Matrix

reel-matrixRead the Article

Zirc’s mr. thirsty one-step

Product watch Zirc Companys mr thirsty one-stepRead the Article

Anutra Medical’s Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System

Product Watch Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery SystemRead the Article

Zirc’s Color Coded Dental Products

Zirc CPS Handout 2016.indd

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