Sensation Glove by Microflex

Sensation Glove by Microflex

The Sensation Nitrile Examination gloves by Microflex are am extra-soft, flexible and durable textured gloves designed for single use only. The Sensation Glove are available in 100 gloves by weight per box with 1p boxes available per case. The Microflex Sensation glove is available in x-small, small, medium, larger and extra-large. These gloves are very different than other gloves due to their exceptional fit and feel. With textured fingertips and silk feel of a beaded cuff, the Sensation glove provides confidence for the dental assistant when handling delicate, smaller objects such as burs, implant parts, files and many other materials in the dental practice. Microflex’s Sensation gloves have “Low Dermatitis” FDA approval. This means the. glove is clinically shown to reduce incidence of the redness and itching associated with contact dermatitis.

Evaluation Results

Sensation Design

            When asked what dental assistants are looking for in a glove of choice, the responses were that they all wanted a glove that felt it was made for them. The old saying used by men but made for a women was said by one of the evaluators. Assistants are required to be efficient and work tedious task. These task consist of handling very small objects that they can’t afford to be dropped or contaminated. Many of those surveyed (86%) stated that this glove was better comparison to their current glove. This satisfaction was prevalent for a variety of reasons. Several evaluators acknowledged instances where a quick change in gloves was necessary, it was much easier with the Sensation glove to remove quickly and replace without having to fan their hand to dry first before replacing a new one or struggling to get it on.

            Some of the evaluators reported that their dentist noticed the difference and wanted to know where the gloves came from. Of those surveyed, 92% stated that they were either extremely likely or very likely to purchase Sensation glove for their practice. Several commented that after the evaluation was complete that they decided to go completely to nitrile due to the FDA approval. One evaluator did ask that since almost all evaluators felt the glove was designed for dental assistants, they should come out with a pink glove just for us.

            The evaluators were asked about their favorite feature of this product, and 90% of evaluators stated that they loved that the gloves felt like they were wearing silk on their hands. 82% said the gloves were easy to remove out of the box unlike other brands that stick together and crammed into the box.

Clinical Tips

                        Additionally, when asked about suggestions for improvements, 50% of those surveyed stated the product did not require any improvements. Others requested a double-sided strip, as well as a serrated portion to aid in breaking through a sealed or tight contact for enhancements.


            When asked what changed or additions would you recommend for this product, 93% said the only change would be to make the gloves come in a larger count. On the 5-point diamond scale, dental team members who evaluated the Sensation by Microflex rated it, on average, a 96.2 which gives this product a 5 Diamond CPS Rating



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