Cranberry Crave Nitrile Power Free Gloves Pro2 Solutions

Cranberry Crave Nitrile Power Free Gloves Pro2 Solutions

By Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA

According to the Centers for Disease Control, oral healthcare professionals should wear gloves in order to prevent their hands from becoming contaminated when touching mucous membranes, saliva, blood, or other possibly infectious materials.  Wearing protective gloves also reduces the chance of transmitting microorganisms on their hands to patients during dental procedures.

However, wearing protective gloves does not eliminate the need for dental professionals to perform proper hand hygiene; hands should be washed immediately before putting gloves on and immediately after removing them. Small, imperceptible defects may be present, the gloves may tear during use, and/or bacteria can rapidly infiltrate underneath the gloves. Therefore, gloves should be changed as soon as possible if they are punctured or otherwise compromised.

Some gloves used by dental professionals, such as nonsterile and nonsterile examination gloves and sterile surgical gloves, are considered medical devices that are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It’s important to remember that certain dental solutions—including glutaraldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol—may weaken glove materials, especially latex, vinyl, nitrile, and other synthetics.8-10 Other dental material-related chemicals that could negatively affect gloves include acrylic monomer, eugenol, varnish, acid etch, and dimethacrylates.


Evaluation of the Cranberry Crave Nitrile Power Free Gloves Pro2 Solutions

Powder- and latex-free, the Cranberry Crave Nitrile Powder-Free Examination Gloves from Pro2 Solutions feature an advanced synthetic nitrile formulation. Offering superior comfort with the addition of Pro2 Solutions’ of Lanolin and Multivitamins including A, B12, C, D3, E and K1. Cranberry Crave nitrile gloves provide barrier protection while helping to minimize dry skin irritation. Available in five sizes (XS, S, M, L, and XL), the Cranberry Crave nitrile gloves from Pro2 Solutions are packaged in a 200 Space Saver Pack to maximize storage space and efficiency.

Contemporary Product Solutions recently conducted an evaluation soliciting the opinions of 17 dental assistants for over 1400 uses, from various practices around the United States and Canada after using Cranberry Crave by Pro 2 Solutions.

Evaluation Results

Crave Design by Pro 2 Solutions

Dental Assisting Evaluators found Cranberry Crave Nitrile Gloves to be noticeably thinner than they existing brand of nitrile gloves, providing an excellent tactile sense. The softness and flexibility of the material enhance fit and comfort. 98% of the evaluating team found the enhancement of having multivitamins was unheard of by most dental assistants and loved the fact that the company was thinking about their skin and wear. 46% said they loved having the choice of so many sizes. Once practice said their dentist tried on the medium glove and asked that they order some of the gloves for them after the review. 24% of the evaluators said they because of the glove feeling like silk to their hands, they had to go down a size. Eighty-one percent of consultants found the Cranberry Crave by Pro 2 Solutions to be better than other nitrile gloves they have used in the past. 93% of the CPS Team of evaluators would switch and 98% would recommend them to a colleague. All loved that the gloves come in a 200 glove box that Pro 2 calls their super saver which cut down on storage and packaging waste.



When asked what changed or additions would you recommend for this product, 93% said the only change would be to make the gloves in various colors and have an addition flavor or scent. On the 5-point diamond scale, dental team members who evaluated the Cranberry Crave by Pro 2 rated it, on average, a 98.9 which gives this product a 5 Diamond CPS Rating.


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