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Practicon (BFC) SyringesBFC_syringe

When speaking to dentist one of the biggest complaints about their practice is the cost and waste of materials. The dental assistant is critical in the cost prevention of overhead when not only ordering materials, but utilizing the ones that cost the practice the most. When looking at fees of these materials some of the hight come from impression materials used for final restorations. When impressions for single or multiple units are measured this is where we see a lot of material go to waste.
The dental assistant looks at their daily schedule in the morning to see how many restorations will be done that day.
With BFC Syringes, minimize material waste by using only the amount you need- half-full is enough to record one crown prep, and full is enough for three preps.  by using BFC Syringes, this allows the assistant to get rid of bulky mixing guns, assembling intro oral tips, mixing tips, cartridges, and most importantly wasting material left over and cross contamination.
To pre-load, simply place any HP impression material cartridge against the BFC Syringe double barrel and squeeze. After loading, push the plunger in partially, then slide the top over to the tab for an airtight seal. When you are ready to use the syringe, break the tab by sliding the top all the way over.With a rotatable angled tip, BFC Syringes give you full control in hard-to-reach areas, including the distals of second molars. The 1.5mm tip diameter allows direct access to the entire sulcus, minimizing air bubbles at the margin and retakes. 0.3 oz. weight and plunger-style syringing help alleviate hand stress. 100 complete syringes per box.
The technique used to apply dental sealants varies depending upon the type of sealant material While the setting time of light-cured sealant can be controlled, each tooth has to be individually cured, which takes more time. Technique also varies depending upon the type of isolation used. When asking assistants what they use for isolation, cotton rolls and dry angles are answered. The reflective shields plus are shields’ specially designed with a heart shape and distinctive reflective film to reflect light. Depending on longer procedures other shields may not hold up and the need to use multiple shields to control moisture isn’t cost effective. What we are heard from dental assistants is that the reflective shield hold up during the entire procedure. Another benefit is that they don’t have to worry about the dentist burs getting caught in the shield like cotton. The Reflective Shields Plus is ideal for procedures such as sealants, composite placement, preparations and deliveries.
One assistant commented that they loved the fact they are heart shaped and fit right into their drawer for easy storage.
The Reflective Shield Plus is available in large, small and a duel pack.

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