Crest Pro-Health HD

Product Spotlight


Crest Pro-Health HD by Proctor and Gamble

In our practice, the chief complaint of our seven hygienists is that patients do not spend sufficient time brushing their teeth,and the biofilm left behind creates a conversation most don’t want to have. Fortunately, dental assistants are finding the new Crest Pro-Health HD toothpaste to be one of the best toothpastes to be introduced to dental practices. Based on use with 13 patients that participated in a practice product review, the 2-step system looks very promising. The 2-part Crest Pro-Health HD system combines a cleanser and a whitener, which is leading all our patients to want to make the switch. The Step 1 Purifying Cleanser helps strip away plaque. Patients don’t rinse, but instead proceed straight to Step 2, which is the Perfecting Gel that polishes and imparts a whitening appearance to teeth. The taste is great, too! Our hygienists are sold and, so far, all the patients feel they have achieved a whiter smile appearance,which is an added benefit. From my own personal experience, since being placed in aligners with 22 hours of wear time, I felt my teeth were not clean. Once I switched to Crest Pro-Health HD, I know this product has made a difference for me.

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